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We believe that no system is safe, but there is a system that is well defended, be one of these systems, and contact us today to see how we can help you in defending your systems against different threats. Never have a fear about pricing, we have plans to fit your needs with good prices.

Security Services

We provide various outstanding services that help your company in sharpening your systems defense shield

Data Privacy

All assessment reports will be encrypted and any PII data collected during the assessment will be destroyed

Industry Certified

Our team members are certified with industry certificates and acknowledged by top world companies

Companies We Helped With Over 1,000,000,000 Active Users.

We Are Open For Opportunities!

We are like security soldiers that are available to help you whenever you want to make sure that your system is well secured, Contact us today, and let us prove what we are caring about!
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The Perfect Solution For All The Protection Question

Security breaches list is getting longer every day because of bad defensive practices, don't wait and be ready for any threat with Secare!, Never have a fear about pricing, we have plans to fit all companies needs from Startup level to Enterprise

High Quality Service

Our team members are very skilled and qualified with good knowledge that allows them to identify security vulnerabilities in highly secured & defended systems

Effective Protection

After finishing our security assessment we still follow up on each vulnerability we found till we make sure that it is fixed in the appropriate way

Why Choose Us?

A Team of Professionals to Protect Your Assets

Our talented team members have good experience in doing penetration testing on large scope assets in a timely manner using manual tests and custom automated tools with 0% false positives, and they got acknowledged by many companies for securing their products and users, We helped more than 1B users becoming safe from being breached.
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Our Services

What We Offer

Network Security

The more your network is getting wider the more it becomes complex to secure it. We do penetrate your network to identify weak points that can lead to a breach of your entire network by hackers, Let us get one more step of them.

Mobile Penetest

Mobile apps became the new era of innovation, therefore Developers build apps quickly without taking care of security, which opens gates for the hackers to target your users, Never leave them a chance and Care about their security.

Web Security

Web applications are getting complicated every day with new technologies, usage of new technologies without security measures leads to security breaches. We're here in Secare do care about your web apps security.

Code Review

The more complex your code is the more security vulnerabilities it might have, here at Secare we use both manual and automated techniques to identify security vulnerabilities in your codebase, We secure numerous programming languages.

Team Training

Give your team a hand today and let them be security professionals to build more secure apps, We're here at Secare keen on training your teams with Practical labs and examples to give them good training on vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

Continuous Testing

We're here in Secare do care about all assets you own, therefore we have created a continuous security testing service that we offer to make sure that all assets you own are well secured and defended against newly released security threats.

Still Confused About Our Features?

No confusion! We can provide you a free demo of our work to prove our skills & services.